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July 21, 2024

Errata Guidelines

If the author (s) find an error after publication, an errata will be published online and the forthcoming volume.

What constitutes a “significant” error?

A significant error involves incorrect information, attribution, or another mistake that changes the meaning of the article or the images in the book. We will consider a spelling error that changes the meaning of the entry to be “significant.” We will also consider a misspelling of the name of a reference “significant.”

For what types of error will you NOT post an erratum?

Typographical errors that are still readable, grammar corrections, and other discoveries made after the writing or the book was published. They are usually not considered to be grounds for an erratum.

What if someone else finds the error?

Then let us hear from you on this error. If a possible error is found by the author, a reader, a consumer or a fellow researcher, the suggestion will be taken into consideration, if applicable to the book’s objective.

Can you correct the error?

Yes. We will correct the error in our website and insert a link to the erratum, which will consist of a short post describing the changes we have made. We will also address such error for example, in a two-volume book. Our aim is to provide our readers and the subject we have written about with the correct information and to be transparent about any changes made to the writing after publication.

Where will the erratum appear on the book?

It is usually bound into the back of a book. We try to avoid inserting sheets or bound-in pages to consolidate the erratum especially if the book is a two-volume.

Where will the erratum appear online?

We will insert a link to the erratum in our website.

Is there a time limit on posting an erratum?

No. We will do our best to correct any errors found regardless of when they appeared online or in after publication.

What if there is a new information about the subject in the book, should I post an erratum?

Yes and No. Errata are used only to correct specific errors in the article. New information is not considered to be an erratum. But if certain details about the subject surfaced, we will weigh in on its importance to the writing and provide a section on Addenda but not under Errata.